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Designed specifically for insurance company adjustment inspectors around the world, SLBas reduces the amount of work needed to determine the actual living area and perimeter of ground area drawings made during field inspections by 90 percent, and does so with 100 percent accuracy.

Using only the keyboard, the user enters the direction and length of each vertical or horizontal segment of the field drawing onto the computer's screen. The corner count and perimeter is calculated after each segment is entered. The square area is calculated only when the screen drawing is finished, ensuring 100 percent accuracy.

SLBas can adjust the actual living area both for a multi-story building and a building with a garage. After the drawing is complete, it can be printed along with client and case number information.

NEWS - SLBas being ported to Dot Net. New features include Save, Open, multiple windows, and a much better appearance.

We have always belived that users need three things from software.
Keep it Simple - Keep it Fast - Keep it Cheap
We wrote SLBas to be this way, and to be 100 percent accurate.
And that's a promise!

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT4 sp3, or 2000
Windows XP Home or Professional
5 megabytes HDD space, 100 MHz Pentium, 32 MB RAM
Windows 95 may work if IE 5 or better is installed.
Unix/Wine not supported, but may work.

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